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CIRCLE 60 are a neuer Klang sonic-assemblage of psychedelic-punk, art and Sci-fi melodics – composed of members and collaborators of Gorillaz, Muse, Delakota, Penguin Cafe, Senseless Things and more. Taking their kaleidoscopic katalysts from early English hallucinogenic pop and raw punk abandon – they deliver a heady messy concoction of neural disturbance and explosive rock action. Verstehen?

Their purpose? To fire a lightning attack of colour, explosions and melodic discord into the collective ether – Circle 60 combine their love of unfiltered riot-energy, innate belief in psychedelia, and the dark arts of sound and vision to concoct a truly swirling assault on all senses.

Disturbance, disorder, power and beauty is their mission.

Their debut eight-armed release “Sawnoff Shot Gold”– gifted to them by a three-mile long interplanetary octopus that floats above in the cosmos – is a document of this kaleidoscopic, khoatic intent.

“We are here to deliver his message."

They list their influences as The Damned, John Higgs, Tesla, Nancy Sinatra, Terence McKenna, Dukes of Stratosphere, Proton Biscuits, Poly Styrene, Carlo Rovelli, The Who, Wilhelm Reich, Broadcast, Steve Jones, Shel Talmy, H.G. Wells, St. Vincent, Gene Vincent, Vincent Price, S.F. Sorrow, Tex Avery, Lucifer Sam, Kate Bush, Malcolm McDowell, N.A.S.A., Robert Calvert, James Marshall Hendrix, Neural-Disruption Technology, Guitar Wolf, Arthur Lee’s Love & The Warlocks…

The initial fleet members are:

Cass Browne – Drums, Discordia and Cosmic Glitter – a one- time Senseless Thing, Browne then formed the much-loved Delakota before joining up with the hugely successful animated-band Gorillaz as both live drummer and scriptwriter. In addition to playing with Penguin Cafe, he then served with the dark n’ deadly Deadcuts. Subsequently he was drugged and keelhauled into joining the Circle 60 set-up.

Ade Emsley – Vox, Guitars & Sonic-Persuader – Psychic Ade Emsley – guitar-instigator & sonic scientist at the Circle 60 HQ – hand built the Orgone amplification machines and set them to seduce and destroy any opponent. Part-time fighter pilot Emsley has 96 lenses in his eyes giving him total surround-sound and vision.

Des Murphy – Guitars, Vox and X-Ray Vision. His relentless and unnecessarily belligerent style lacks any finesse. In 1998 Murphy joined up with Browne to form Delakota. He followed this with a collaboration with super-producer Paul Epworth under the name of Solid State Revival and has since enjoyed an opiumated rest in Penguin Cafe. It was him the Octopus first contacted.

Morgan Nicholls – Bass, Keys, Star Maps and Stun-Guns. This ex-Senseless Thing released his own solo record under the name M. Organ, before joining up with various artists including Vent 414, The Streets – plus a stint with Gorillaz – in addition to performing with The Who at the 2012 Olympics. Nicholls currently plays live with Intergalactic stadium-botherers Muse. His bass-machine sounds like a man who’s lost his fucking mind attempting to wrestle a twenty-foot electric eel into a suitcase.

Circle 60

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