Sawnoff Shot Gold - Double Vinyl
Sawnoff Shot Gold - Double Vinyl

Sawnoff Shot Gold - Double Vinyl

Circle 60
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CIRCLE 60 are a neuer Klang sonic-assemblage of psychedelic-punk, art and Sci-fi melodics – composed of members and collaborators of Gorillaz, Muse, Delakota, Penguin Cafe, Senseless Things and more. Taking their kaleidoscopic katalysts from early English hallucinogenic pop and raw punk abandon – they deliver a heady messy concoction of neural disturbance and explosive rock action.

Twin Vinyl – Eight Tracks – Two tracks a side – cut at 45rpm – on a Scully lathe. To make this the loudest and clearest and most pristine piece of vinyl achievable.

This, comrades, is what it’s all about. Play it at your sister!


01 Holiday Gone Wrong
02 Portobello Stare
03 Read Your Mind
04 Temple Ball
05 432
06 Drive Drive Drive
07 Ocean
08 The Octopus

The debut Circle 60 Album - Sawnoff Shot Gold on 2 x 12" vinyl, signed by the band.

  • Vinyl 
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Format: Signed Edition
  • Label: Circle 60 Records