Confessional - Signed Black LP
Confessional - Signed Black LP
Confessional - Signed Black LP

Confessional - Signed Black LP

Janet Devlin
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  • Pre-Order Now: Release Date 1st May 2020
  • LP Format: Classic 12” black vinyl in gatefold sleeve, signed. Includes one standard weight vinyl accompanied by 13 full-colour conceptual artworks and song lyrics, reproduced in a glossy 28-page booklet.
  • Label: Insomnia Music Records

Janet Devlin's long-awaited second album is a collection of 12 confessions; a balanced fusion of introspective Irish folk melodies, brooding anti-ballads and big, soaring singalongs.

These sumptuous pop songs wear not only their hearts, but their scars, on their sleeves and tell the extraordinary adventure of Janet’s journey from a shy and isolated teenager in Gortin, Northern Ireland to the mature, honest and distinctive artist that stands and sings proudly today. 

Vinyl edition includes the bonus track, ‘Hand Me Downs’.


Side A

  1. Confessional
  2. So Cold
  3. Saint of the Sinners
  4. Cinema Screen
  5. Speak
  6. Honest Men
  7. Love Song

Side B

  1. Big Wide World
  2. Away with the Fairies
  3. Sweet Sacred Friend
  4. Holy Water
  5. Better Now
  6. Hand Me Downs