Raw Like Sushi - 3LP / 3CD / LP / CD
Raw Like Sushi - 3LP / 3CD / LP / CD
Raw Like Sushi - 3LP / 3CD / LP / CD

Raw Like Sushi - 3LP / 3CD / LP / CD

Neneh Cherry
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  • Pre-Order Now:  Release Date 24th January 2020
  • Formats:  3 x CD / 3 x LP / 1 x CD / 1 x LP
  • Label:  UMC/Virgin:

30th anniversary of Neneh Cherry’s classic hit album Raw Like Sushi (1989),“an unorthodox and brilliantly daring blend of R&B, rap, pop, and dance music”, sees the original album remastered and given the super deluxe treatment across 3CD and 3LP box sets and original 1CD and 1LP remastered. The box sets feature a 48-page 12x12 book packed full of iconic photos, new interviews, liner notes and memorabilia. The album features 5 singles - includes the worldwide smash hit single ‘Buffalo Stance’ (number 1 US Dance Chart) as well as hit singles –‘Manchild’ produced by Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, ‘Kisses On The Wind’, ‘Heart’ & ‘Inna City Mamma’. Also features rare mixes of key tracks by Massive Attack, Arthur Baker, Smith N Mighty, and more.



Three discs in a 12 x 12 gatefold sleeve, including original album remastered and two bonus discs of b-sides, remixes & extras

Three single-sleeve wallets housed in the back of hardback ‘folder’

Includes a stunning 48-page 12 x 12 full-colour book featuring new interviews, liner notes, period photos, single sleeves and memorabilia


Three discs in single LP sleeves, housed in a rigid slip-case, includes original album remastered and two bonus discs of b-sides, remixes & extras

Also features the 48-page book

Remastered at Abbey Road, pressed on heavyweight vinyl, with download card included.


CD 1 – Original album

  1. Buffalo Stance
  2. Manchild
  3. Kisses on the Wind
  4. Inna City Mamma
  5. The Next Generation
  6. Love Ghetto
  7. Heart
  8. Phoney Ladies
  9. Outre Risque Locomotive
  10. So Here I Come
  11. My Bitch
  12. Heart (Its a demo)

CD2 – extras

  1. Buffalo Stance (Sukka Mix)
  2. Buffalo Stance (Electro Ski Mix)
  3. Buffalo Stance (1/2 Way 2 House) Remix - Arthur Baker
  4. Buffalo Stance (Nearly Neue Beat) Remix - Arthur Baker
  5. Buffalo Stance (Kevin Sanderson’s Techno Stance Remix One)
  6. Manchild (Old School Mix)
  7. Manchild (Massive Attack Remix)
  8. Manchild (Massive Attack Bonus Beats)
  9. Manchild (Smith N Mighty Remix)
  10. Manchild (Smith N Might More Bass - Less Vocal Style)

CD3 – extras

  1. Inna City Mamma (Re-recorded Extended Version)
  2. Inna City Mamma (Cold Blooded Remix)
  3. Kisses On The Wind (12” Spanish Mix)
  4. Kisses On The Wind (David Morales ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix)
  5. Kisses On The Wind (Dynamic Duo + Latin Rascals Mix)
  6. Kisses On The Wind (Lovers Hip-Hop Extended Version)
  7. The Next Generation (Rap One Mix)
  8. The Next Generation (Sub-Woofer Mix)
  9. Heart (Club Mix)


Disc 1 Original LP:

Side One:

  1. Buffalo Stance                        5:42
  2. Manchild                                  3:51
  3. Kisses on the Wind                 3:57
  4. Inna City Mamma                    4:50
  5. The Next Generation              5:04

Side Two:

  1. Love Ghetto                            4:27
  2. Heart                                       5:08
  3. Phoney Ladies                        3:52
  4. Outré Risqué Locomotive       5:04
  5. So Here I Come                     4:02

Disc 2 (extras):

Side One:

  1. Heart (Its A demo) 
  2. Buffalo Blues 
  3. Buffalo Stance (Sukka Mix) 

Side Two:

  1. Buffalo Stance (Electro Ski Mix) 
  2. Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker Nearly Neu Beat Mix) 
  3. Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker 1/2 way to House Mix) 
  4. Buffalo Stance (Kevin Sanderson Techno Stance Remix One) 

Disc 3 (extras)

Side One:

  1. Manchild (Old School Mix) 
  2. Manchild (Massive Attack Remix) 
  3. Manchild (Smith N Mighty Remix) 
  4. Inna City Mamma (Re-recorded Extended Version) 

Side Two:

  1. Inna City Mamma (Cold Blooded Remix) 
  2. Kisses On The Wind (David Morales ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix) 
  3. Kisses On The Wind (Dynamik Duo + Latin Racals Mix) 
  4. The Next Generation (Rap One Mix)