The Calliope Early Romantic Guitar Collection
The Calliope Early Romantic Guitar Collection

The Calliope Early Romantic Guitar Collection

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The Calliope (Greek, beautiful voice) collection are nine beautiful early romantic guitars spanning almost a century from the earliest known surviving six single string Anglo guitar, made by the Longman and bearing the sellers label, Monzani, sold in 1800.  The collection contains guitars by famous London luthiers, Louis Panormo and the Roudhloff brothers, and continental luthiers from Mirecourt, Vienna and Madrid.  There is also a guitar that was previously the property of the famous guitar teacher, composer and performer Madame Sidney Pratten.  With sound recordist Michael Addlesee, Roland has selected to play music particularly suited to bring out each guitar's unique tonal qualities.

All the guitars were tuned a half-tone lower than the current standard A=440Hz to be closer to the tuning of the period.  Guitars of this age would not easily withstand the modern string tensions at full pitch.  It should also be noted that some the instruments present huge technical problems for the guitarist, for example, extremely low action in some cases, giving rise very easily to the fret buzz.  We have largely overcome these technical issues with the help of choosing strings suited to each guitar's playing characteristics.

We hope you enjoy listening to this CD.

The Calliope Early Romantic Guitar Collection Project Team.


Antonio Carlos Garcia, Madrid, 1860s
Savarez light tension strings
Julian Arcas:

  • 1. Bolero
  • 2. La Cubana

Madame Sidney Pratten Guitar, C Boullangier, 1860s
Aquila 800 NylGut strings
Ernest Shand:

  • 3. Songe d'Amour
  • 4. Morceau lyrique No. 2

D and A Roudhloff, X braced Melophonic Guitar, 1840s
La Bella normal tension strings
Giulio Regondi: 

  • 5. Theme from Air Varie No. 1
  • 6. Etude No. 1

William Hanbury, Panormo Spanish style, 1836
Aquila 800 NylGut strings
Fernando Sor:

  • 7. Studio, Opus 29 No. 24
  • 8. Lecon, Opus 31 No. 23
  • 9. Lecon, Opus 31 No. 24

Louis Panormo, French Model, 1831
Aquila 800 NylGut strings
Fernando Sor:

  • 10. Lecon, Opus 60 No. 22
  • 11. Lecon, Opus 60 No. 23

A Guiot, Panormo Spanish style, 1830s
Strings: Pyramid Gut in 12, Aquila 800 Nylgut in 13
Jose Broca:

  • 12. El Catalan
  • 13. Crepusculo No. 2

J G Stauffer, Luigi Legnani model, 1829
D'Addario EJ45 normal tension strings
Johann Kaspar Mertz:

  • 14. Nocturne Opus 4 No. 2

N. Rigondeau, La Rochelle, 1822
Aquila 800 NylGut strings
Jose Ferrer:

  • 15. Four Pieces: Allegretto
  • 16. Four Pieces: Polka

J. Longman, Baroque style, 6 single string guitar, 1800
Aranjuez concert silver set, heavy gauge strings
Jose Ferrer:

  • 17. Four Pieces: Allegretto moderato
  • 18. Four Pieces: Vals