Salad Daze - Deluxe Edition
Salad Daze - Deluxe Edition
Salad Daze - Deluxe Edition

Salad Daze - Deluxe Edition

Wayne Hussey
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Available In Deluxe Box Set Edition And Standard Paperback Edition

Best known as the divisive but iconic frontman of The Mission and a poster boy for the then-fledgeling gothic scene of the 80s, Wayne Hussey has been making music since he was inspired to pick up a guitar by his childhood hero, Marc Bolan. As he began making his name in music with The Invisible Girls, Dead Or Alive and The Sisters Of Mercy, Wayne was at first seduced and then ultimately corrupted, swapping the repression of his religious upbringing for its polar opposite: a lifestyle of total hedonism.

From his early days raised as a Mormon to being schooled in gender-bending by Pete Burns, from his move to Liverpool in the late Seventies to his remaining fanaticism with Liverpool FC, 
Salad Daze is an all-encompassing account of Wayne's personal and musical journey up until the formation of The Mission. Salad Daze is an unflinchingly honest portrayal of the peaks and pitfalls of a life in the music industry, told with plenty of Wayne's wit and charm qualities that helped him survive his own unrestrained ambitions to still be making music today.


  • Designed box housing a limited edition signed hardback copy of the book (the hardback is not available separately) 
  • 7-inch vinyl single featuring two Wayne Hussey demos from 1980 
  • Exclusive branded memory stick with an additional 9 songs from the same two demo sessions with spoken word intros by Wayne 
  • Archive of a whole load of photographs that didn't make it into the book proper personally curated and captioned by Wayne
  • A certificate of authenticity